Mabie Todd Home Pen Sales Buying instructions

Swan SF-250C - UK 1927

Pen VG condition with 9ct gold bands.  Imprint barely visible.  No brassing.

Nib Medium Swan No 2

Cap No cracks or marks, no brassing on gold plated clip.  

Length 140mm capped

Price: £115

Swan Self-filler - UK 1946

Pen Excellent condition  with strong imprints. Snake skin with chrome trim.

Nib  Medium No 2

Cap No cracks or marks, no brassing.  White Swan logo on cap top.

Length 122mm capped

Price: £65

Swan Visofil VT340/78 - UK 1936

Pen Vacumatic type filler with  visible barrel section. Very Good condition. Crisp imprints on barrel and barrel end. Some brassing to central band.

Nib  Broad 3 with Swan logo  around the vent

Cap No cracks or marks, slight brassing to clip ball and bands.  Clear white Swan imprint on the cap button.

Ends.  Clear of oxidisation.

Length 130mm capped

Price: £128

Swan No 2 - USA 1928 Pen  Gold plated lever filler. Near mint.  No brassing. Clear New York imprint.  Engraved ‘JAH 1930’ Nib  Medium flexi Swan No 2  Cap  No marks.  Clip Patent Jan 19 1915. Length  128mm capped  Price: £115



Swan No 6241 - UK 1946

Pen Excellent condition.  Good imprint.  

Nib Fine flexible Swan No 2

Cap No cracks or marks, brassing to ball of clip.  White Swan logo inlaid into cap top.

Length 127mm capped

Price: £88

Swan SF2 - UK 1927

Pen VG condition with gold plated bands (small areas of brassing).  Imprint strong. Lever tip brassed.

Nib Fine Swan No 2.

Cap Clipless cap. No cracks or marks.  Idiosyncratic cap top is original!

Length 139 mm capped

Price: £75

Swan Eyedropper - UK 1910

Pen  Near mint condition with no oxidisation and crisp chasing.

 Nib Mabie Todd under/over feed

 Cap Near mint

 Length 134 mm capped

Extras Original box, original eyedropper, instructions, hints for use of pens and guarantee

Price: £38

Blackbird - UK 1965

Pen  Button filler. Mint with band. Original box

 Nib Blackbird G medium

 Cap Mint

 Length 132 mm capped

Price: £25